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Fundraising Ideas

Looking for new fundraising ideas? Have you heard about a fundraiser that requires no investment,only takes a few minutes to set up, and can deliver instant results?

IMPARTFUND is one, and offers personal fundraising website that is free to create, customizable and feature easy-to-use sharing tools so that you can quickly spread the word about your fundraiser.
Our platform makes fundraising easy

Impartfund's Fundraising Ideas to Help You Get Started


Fundraising Ideas for Medical

You, or someone you love, dealing with an expensive medical condition?

With the rise in medical bills today, many cannot afford good medical services, which may sometimes cause aviodable deaths.
Thousands are now turning to online, medical fundraising to make up the difference between what treatments they can afford and those that are financially out of reach. Imapart fund has provided a user friendly platform where individual and family can raise funds to support vital medical treatments for their loved ones.
Consider starting a free medical fundraising campaign today with impartfund. Let us help you raisefund, to give you the treatment you thought was impossible.


Fundraising Ideas for Education

Impartfund provide an easy platform to source for funds for educational purposes

Education remain one of the most underfunded keystones of our Society today. Here at Impartfund, we've made it easier to source for fund for education which is a vital sector necessary for nation buliding, with Impartfund you can raise fund for education in diverse ways. You can start a fundraising campaign as a Teacher or Principal for your school or for a student, or as a Parent for your child or as a non-profit organization for a particular community or area, and so on!
Consider starting a free Education fundraising campaign today with impartfund. For a brighter future for you, your loved ones and the world at large


Fundraising Ideas for Charity

Impartfund helps provide a platform for charity and non-profit organization to raise funds to support their cause eaisily

Our fundraising platform is free and easy to use, saving your organization time and money. And unlike traditional non-profit fundraisers, which require long-term planning and team coordination, Fundly can help you see your fundraising efforts pay off in minutes instead of months because it helps you reach out to more people to support your cause just with some few clicks.
We give you customizable tools to help run your campaign, making it simple for you to make sure your fundraising is 100% successful..


Fundraising Ideas for Individuals

Impartfund helps provide a platform for Individuals to help raise funds for themselves and also for their loved ones

With our easy-to-use and completely customizable fundraising platform, we can help you collect donations to further your studies, run for political office, start a business, for medical purposes, Travel , important events and much more! this can either be for personal reasons, or for loved ones .
In five minutes or less you can register with us, start a fundrasing campaign and share with friends, family, and strangers can also support you. So whether you are fundraising for yourself, a family member, or a friend, Impartfund’s got you covered.


Fundraising Ideas for Creative Projects

Impartfund helps provide a platform to help bring your Creative ideas and project to reality

Thousands of creative Ideas in the world today do not see the light of day, due to lack of funds or capital. with impartfund raising funds for your creative projects has been made easier! Impartfund can help you share your fundraising campaign with the world and get it successfully funded using our built-in social sharing and email tools.
And because we don't require campaigns to reach their goal in order to keep funds, whatever you raise is yours! .